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SatTune - PCR-1000 and Weather Sats

Sattune - make your PCR-1000 work 24 hours a day for you.

Instructions Page

If you use a PCR-1000 to receive APT Weather Sat Transmissions then SatTune may be able to help you get more coverage from just 1 receiver.

The problem is - the Sats all use different frequencies, and you need somehow to tune to the correct one at the correct time.... It can be done in TalkPcr (I tried, failed and gave up).

The solution to me was simple - do it myself.

I process a prodiction file that is generated from WxTrack, and from this Change Frequencies, Volume, Mode, Settings etc for each sat that I am interected in.

The Incoming Audio signal is detected and processed by wxsat, and then further processed by SatSignal..... But once you get the WAV file - you can do with it what you want.

You will find here all the files, necessary to configure your PCR-1000 for 24 hour non-stop APT receiver tuning.

I currently and storing aprox 60-150Mb of Wav Files per day with 1 PCR !

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