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SatTune - PCR-1000 and Weather Sats
Tips and Troubleshooting

These are the current known problems - and the work arounds that you will have to do to get past them

If you have any other questions however then please contact me via E-Mail, and I shall have a look into the problem.

Tip 1: I used to get "bigger" pictures doing it manually.

Solution: In WxTrack - alter the minimum elevation that you require before aquiring a satellite. I run my system in 0 degrees. You probably also want to keep the minimum pass time at 150 secs or above.

You will need to regenerate a passlist.txt file , and then tell the SatTune to Stop Listening, and then Get Next Pass - as SatTune reads the file into memory when it is run initially (it makes things faster, and somewhat easier to program).

This whole process should hopefully not be needed once (if) I get the DDE Server link working.

Prob 1: SatTune exits after pressing the Next Pass Button

If you have been using the ICOM supplied software the radio can be left switched on - and I have currently not been able to work out how to reset the radio.

Solution: Turn the radio Off - count to 5, turn it back on and Everything should work fine.

Problem 2: SatTune did work - but there are no more .WAV Files

Solution: You have run out of passes in your Passlist file. Regenerate them again using Step 6. Then Say Stop PCR - then Get Next Pass - this causes the file to be re-read.
There has been some unknown error. Exit SatTune, Power off the PCR, wait for 5 seconds, Power on PCR, Start Up SatTune.

Problem 3: I Did have a 28 day passlist file - but It's now become only 1 day.

Solution: WxTrack regenerates this file when you start manually trying to work out the next pass for a satellite. You can either copy the 28 Day passlist.txt to a separate directory - or just regenerate it say at the end of every day.

I personally find this rather anoying - as long as you do not Exit SatTune, the original file will be help in your PC's memory. If however you exit SatTune, you will re-read the new Passlist.txt file, unless you copied the original one to another directory.

I am working on a DDE Solution - that will remove the need for generating such files - it is near completion - but I have not even started testing it yet.